New look, the same Virginia photography you know and love.

It was an honor and privilege to work on this project this summer for a ministry organization that is near and dear to my heart:  Established Footsteps.  Sharon Thomas, founder (and incredibly gifted teacher) bases this ministry for women on Psalm 119:133 “Establish my footsteps in your Word and do not let sin have any power over me”.  Her desire and prayer is that women will walk in victory through Jesus Christ by diving into the Word.


I met Sharon when my husband and I served in Worship Ministry in Virginia.  She and her husband, Marvin (founder of Bridges and also an amazing teacher) were involved in the same church, where my husband was the Worship Minister.  I remember when she and her husband stepped out in faith to begin Established Footsteps, and now 10 years later, her ministry continues to flourish.

When I was approached this past Spring about the concept for the summer event, A Bible Study, I got really excited!  One reason, obviously, is that I am a photographer who really enjoys being creative.  (Happy Shutterbug, here!)  However, the most important reason is that I could really connect with the symbolism of the concept: feet.  I was asked to photograph feet of different women and one very cute toddler, who came to the session so excited about her pink toenails!   She reminded me so much of my oldest daughter, which made my heart just explode with joy!


I captured images of the feet of different women at various walks of life and ages to represent women walking in the Word, walking in Faith, and in Victory.  We all come from a variety of perspectives, experiences, regrets, joy, pain, upbringing, and cultures.  Yet, we are ALL cherished by a living God.