New look, the same Virginia photography you know and love.

Another favorite location….

Colonial Williamsburg

This gorgeous location is another one of historical significance.  (Would you expect any less from us?)  Colonial Williamsburg was once the bustling capital of Virginia from 1699 to 1780.  George Washington, among others, both lived and served there.   Evidence of past leadership in Williamsburg still exists today among the restored and recreated buildings.  While taking a stroll through Colonial Williamsburg you can experience what town life would have been like as you see the “colonial citizens” move about and interact with guests.   Whether you are touring the Governor’s Palace or enjoying a time period authentic meal at The King’s Arms, you have the opportunity to experience colonial life among the people from days gone by as they talk about life from a 1700’s perspective.

As you may have already suspected, Colonial Williamsburg is another location where I love to do portrait sessions.  There are numerous places there that make each session unique, from the beautiful green laid out like carpet in front of the Governor’s Palace, to the quaint shops and picket fences.   I recently had the opportunity to second shoot a session with the amazing Meredith Ryncarz of Meredith Ryncarz Photography.  I enjoyed spending time with this sweet family and love how they interacted with each other.   They looked fantastic, and their kiddos were so adorable!    I really enjoyed how they were willing to have fun during the session, which ended with dancing to “Uptown Funk”.   (That’s my kind of session!)   Capturing memories in the making as their beautiful children cuddled and played was such a privilege.  DSC_0461