New look, the same Virginia photography you know and love.


2016 has been a great first official year of business for Belle Eve Photography!  Owning my own business has been one of the most exciting things and the most scary things I have done, yet I am having so much fun working as a photographer.  It has been a year of growing, exploring, and learning, which has taken me down a more definitive path as a business owner.

There are several reasons that 2016 has been a fantastic first year of business, which I have listed below:

  1.  Education, education, education! I completed three photography courses, attended mentoring sessions, assisted several professional photographers at family sessions and several weddings, and read a lot to learn more and more about my craft.  I am a firm believer that education is empowering to a professional, no matter what field you work in.  It makes a difference in your professionalism and skill level, which is vital to a thriving photographer.
  2. Often in my life, I have been someone that others have shared their hearts and concerns with. Compassion and mercy are important values to me, and have been something that I feel that God has used in my life to serve others.  I haven’t always been a compassionate person.  Well, let me explain.  I would feel compassion for others, but the “serving” side of me was not as mature in my early adult years.  I have endured a lot of really tough stuff, and before you start thinking “awe poor girl”, I have to tell you that I am thankful that I went through those really tough, heart wrenching events.  Those experiences were not any fun.  In fact, they were painful and full of agonizing “sobbing on the floor” moments.  However, I have grown through them, both in my faith and my maturity, and have a greater understanding of and patience for others.  For that alone, I am thankful.  I believe that the Lord absolutely uses those difficult times in our lives so that we can be there for others who are hurting, or who need a little encouragement.   I can honestly say that I love listening to the stories of others and hearing about where they are in life.  And, if I can be an encouragement along their path, then that makes it even sweeter.   I love being a photographer who is documenting a part of someone’s story.  I don’t just take pictures.  I capture life, and that is the coolest thing!
  3. With this being the first official year of business, I was so excited to see an increase in the number of clients served as 2016 moved forward.   I had the opportunity to capture seniors, families, individuals, a women’s ministry event, and a wedding (as a second shooter).  If you trusted me as your photographer this year, thank you.  Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this moment for you, for allowing me to capture your beautiful children and families, and for promoting my business.   I do have one very big supporter, though, who definitely deserves a huge shout out and a thank you.  My incredible husband, Mike.  He has supported me without hesitation from day 1.  He went with me to get my business license.  He encouraged me nonstop.  To say that I have a terrific husband is an understatement.  He rocks.
  4. The fourth reason that 2016 was a great year, of course, was the families, seniors and individuals that I photographed.  Each of them was special in their own way, and each was a privilege to shoot!  You all are amazing individuals, and I consider it a blessing to have had the opportunity to get to know you!  Also included in the year was a women’s conference entitled “A Bible Study” (Established Footsteps Ministries) for which I did the photography for the stage art and photographed one evening of the three night event.
  5.  Last, but not least were the weddings!  I assisted for one wedding, and was a second shooter for another.  (I also took a class on Wedding Photography.) This leads me to how Belle Eve Photography will look in 2017.  I currently photograph families, seniors, and individuals.  In 2017, I will be expanding to engagements and weddings.  Marriage is such a gift worth celebrating, and I’m looking forward to incorporating wedding photography as a service and getting to know new brides and grooms.

Thank you, to my family, friends, and clients for making 2016 a wonderful year.  May God bless you and your families richly as we move into a new year!