New look, the same Virginia photography you know and love.

snow5I cannot believe it’s all gone.  Just like that, as quickly as it arrived, it silently, elusively disappeared.  Although I am really more of a summer gal, snow is one of my favorite things, provided that it doesn’t stay too long.

I love how it falls so quietly from the grey sky nearly unnoticeably until you look out a window with astonishment at how much is on the ground, trees, and roof.  It seems magical, and its beauty creates such a stark contrast with most everything around it.  The very presence of snow invokes images of warm, cozy fires, soft blankets, cuddling with loved ones, along with the aroma of cinnamon and hot chocolate.  In some ways, snow stops time, at least here in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia.  When the sky drops a foot of snow, as it did here a week ago, we end up staying home which enables us to make memories in the snow and have even more family time.  And, of course, this photographer gets really excited about photographing snow portraits.

I think the most striking aspect of snow is the way it silently persists until hours later it has placed a soft, white blanket on everything.  It is not loud.  It is not obtrusive.  It is, however, persistent.  It fearlessly graces us with its presence confidently without regard for positive opinions or negative opinions.  For me, personally, this is an important lesson.  No matter what others think, keep persevering.  If you get discouraged, keep putting one foot in front of the other.  Don’t allow fear and discouragement to rule the steps you take in life.  This is something I have to keep reminding myself as I journey through life.  I remind my kids of this too, because it is important to remember that ultimately, you have one life that God has given you to live, so live it well.