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Picture Credit: Meredith Ryncarz Photography

I often am asked, “Now that I have booked a session, how do I prepare?  What do I do?”  I was recently photographed for my head shots, and I was a little nervous!  I was really excited about the experience, but just felt nervous!   I knew what to do to prepare, and had the utmost trust in my photographer.  I suppose that the reason I felt  a little anxious was because I am not usually on the other side of the camera.  My experience reminded me of how clients often feel-  nervous, excited, rushed, stressed, or all of the above.   Well, have no fear!  I have several suggestions for how you can prepare for your upcoming session with Belle Eve Photography so that you can have a stress free and fun experience.

  1. Keep Calm. Take a deep breath. Families with young kids and even with teenagers often worry that their kiddos won’t “smile, behave, stand still, or perform” for the camera.  I am here to tell you that it will be o.k.  Young children are natural movers and that is how they are supposed to be.  It isn’t instinctual or natural for most little ones to just sit still and grin on command.  So, leave the “cheese” at home, so to speak, and know that I will engage your little ones through talking, games, playing, and interacting naturally with the people who love them the most-you.  Remember that your photographer is helping to capture memories (and that she actually enjoys the energy of your little ones).  As for teenagers, well, I really enjoy teenagers.  I appreciate the opportunity to get to know teens, as they offer their own unique perspective and personality to the mix. 

  2. Choose clothing carefully. Your outfits should be comfortable, but not baggy, which can be unflattering in camera. Consider what you envision your family photos to look like.  Do you desire for them to be elegant with soft color?  Or, would you like them to appear bold and colorful?  It is wise to choose coordinating colors and patterns without being too “matchy”.  Use patterns (such as plaids, stripes, polka dots, etc) carefully. If everyone wears “overly” patterned clothing, it will clash and become a distraction instead of an enhancement.    Wear accessories such as scarves, necklaces, earrings, and hats if you are comfortable doing so, as this can add more texture and glitz to your images.  For ladies, high heels will elongate legs, and gentlemen look masculine in well fitted dress pants with close-toed shoes. (Make sure to bring comfortable shoes to walk in, though, for outdoor location sessions.)
  1. Be prepared. Give yourselves plenty of time to get ready, and prepare any additional items that may be helpful during your session, such as a brush, lipstick, extra shoes that are comfortable to walk in, tissues, and your child’s favorite toy (or an object that represents their talents and interests).  Get plenty of rest and eat prior to your session so that everyone will feel like being cheerful participants.  Stay away from foods or drinks with dyes prior to your session, since many dyes will stain lips and teeth. seniorwithmom
  2. Don’t smile. Or, smile a lot.  It really depends on the personality of your family.  Some families love to laugh a lot, and others laugh occasionally or very little.  Some are really affectionate, while others are not.  Not everyone has to be looking at the camera and smiling at the same time.  Some of the best images happen when loved ones are interacting with each other, because those are the images you will look at and cherish the love and the relationships during that moment.