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According to, the word legacy has several definitions.

  1. a gift by will especially of money or other personal property.
  2. something transmitted by or received from an ancestor or predecessor or from the past.

In essence, the word legacy is something that one receives.  However, I personally view it as something that is part of a much bigger picture.  While it is true that it can be something of financial value, the legacy of moral and spiritual values is eternal.  You can leave a legacy for future generations, or perhaps your legacy can be left along the path for those around you to pick up wherever you exist, move and breathe.  The funny thing, though, is that it’s not something we talk about all the time.  Sure, we know what it is.  Yes, we say it’s important.  But, generally speaking, we often don’t consider that the decisions we make can impact our legacy for future generations.  I’m not talking about every day things such as whether or not you should buy a candy bar, or whether or not you should wear socks with sandals.  Nor am I suggesting that you need to achieve perfection.  I am suggesting, however, that all of us the importance of how you live your life out loud for your present day and future family.  I am pointing a finger at myself as well because it is a daily effort and struggle sometimes.


Personal Legacy

I’ve written before about the tremendous impact my maternal grandma (“Mamaw”) had on my relationship with God.  She was a fierce lady who was passionate about doing the right thing, following Jesus, and “keeping your nose clean” (in her Kentucky vernacular).  She celebrated the good in people but was not afraid to set me straight.  She loved to sing, give big hugs, watch the birds in her back yard, and work in her garden.  Her relationship with Jesus was apparent in the way she lived her life.   I want this.  I want for my children and their children to look back on my life and know that I lived for Jesus with all of my heart.  I want this because I have been given this beautiful, invaluable gift.  I am truly blessed that I can look back and remember the intangible memories,  memories I can recall when I admire the pictures of her at the different stages of my life.   Those pictures are serious memory triggers for me.  Even though she’s been gone for nearly three years, they still make me cry as I recall those precious moments and the words of truth she would speak into my life throughout my childhood and even into adulthood.


Preserving Legacy

Documenting the people in your family may not seem important when you see them each and every day, or when the crazy demands of work and family takes over your schedules.  Life can be absolutely full of us trying to spin every plate to keep the needs of a family going.  One lesson I have learned over the years is that people prioritize what is valuable to them.  I understand that the images themselves are not the legacy.   However, the memory within the image represents the legacy and tells the family story and history.  I love photography, but honestly, I love even more that I have the opportunity to capture moments in a family’s history because the captured family moments (weddings, birthdays, childhood) will be the ones that will be handed down to future generations along with the stories to describe those loved ones.

Introducing Legacy Sessions

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are quickly approaching!  Are we really approaching the end of April already?  One of my favorite photos is a photo of 3 generations in my family, which currently sits proudly on a shelf in my office.  When my sweet kiddos were little, I was at my Mamaw’s house with my mother, my hubby, and our children.  I remember that July day so clearly, and I remember thinking that it was really neat that 4 generations were all gathered at Mamaw’s house.  I never knew any of my great grandparents, so for my kids, it was such a blessing that they had the opportunity to get to know their great grandma.  Perhaps you have this kind of blessing.  Maybe you have three or four generations of loved ones or maybe you have two generations that you would love to document.  I would like to provide a unique opportunity for you, so that you can document your family legacy.  A limited number of Legacy Sessions will be available in May and June at $100 off the regular portrait session price.  Sessions must be scheduled in May or June for the promotional pricing.  Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates on availability!  🙂