A Newport News Park Anniversary Session | Newport News Portrait and Wedding Photographer


Genuine.  Authentic.  Compassionate.

These are the words that come to mind when I think of this family.  George and Brook are some of the kindest people I know.  I appreciate their transparency and how they care for people.  They are so gifted at hospitality and including others.   And, to top it off, they have two teenagers and a recently engaged young adult daughter, who are all really great individuals with fun personalities.  This sweet family did a fantastic job at pairing reds, blues, and plaid which nicely portrayed this wonderful season!

The day greeted us with cool, crisp air, lots of sunshine, and the beginning of the appearance of bright yellow and orange leaves at Newport News Park, in Newport News, Virginia.  The scent of the falling autumn leaves mixed with Virginia Pine filled the air as we wandered in the park.  The sunlight was streaming through the leaves of the trees and warmed us a “little bit”  as we walked from location to location within the park.  It was pretty chilly outside, but they were troopers!

One of my favorite things about their session was the laughter they shared as I captured them.  They were seriously so much fun!  My second favorite thing was how they included their daughter’s fiance in the session.  “He is part of our family”  and “our new son”.  Those words and their sentiment were no surprise coming from George and Brook.    That is just another example of how they love others.  Another thing I adored about their session was the inclusion of their sweet dog, Bear in some of their photos.  (He is probably the most chill and sweet dog I have ever seen!  Isn’t he cute?)  It was a wonderful day!


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