In Search of a Beautiful Child | Virginia Portrait and Wedding Photographer

IMG_20180527_064832_743If I asked you for the definition of “beauty”, what would you say?  Would you list specific physical attributes?  Hair color? Freckles or no freckles? Eye color?  Or would you consider something else?

Recently, I was selected to be one of 55 photographers to represent Beauty Revived’s “50 Most Beautiful Children” campaign.  This isn’t just a search for a cute kid.  This goes beyond appearance, which is why I love Beauty Revived.  This organization, which was founded in 2014 by Michelle Gifford, seeks to acknowledge and celebrate moms, women, Seniors, and children who stand out in their community.  Their mission is to challenge the world’s view of beauty by revealing inner beauty.  I have been blessed with the honor of gifting a session to a local child, age 5-16, who stands out in the community.  This child has persevered and inspires others around them.  This child tries to make a difference.  The deserving child will be selected through a nomination process.  Once selected, he or she will be gifted a complimentary session with Belle Eve Photography.  This session will be featured in the Beauty Revived magazine for 50 Beautiful Children along with their story in August 2018, and will also be featured on the Beauty Revived blog.

How to nominate a child:  Complete the form below to tell me about the child whom you feel deserves to be featured!



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