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Planning Your Wedding

You just got engaged and your thoughts turn from staring at that sparkly new ring to planning for your big day.  Wedding planning and design can be a lot of fun to dream about, but when it comes to your wedding day, all of those foreseen and unforeseen details can become stressors that can take you from elated and joyful to a heap of tears as you and your loved ones helping you do your best to pull it all together.  Don’t get me wrong.  It is wonderful for family and close friends to be involved with your big day.  It really is.  But if you would like to be able to fully enjoy your day without having to worry about each thing with your loved ones it is better to leave the designing, floral artistry, cake, catering….etc. to the professionals if possible. 

If budget is an issue, ask the vendors for their recommendations to carry out your wedding day dreams in a way that may be more affordable.  Many enjoy educating their clients and often have really helpful suggestions that can make your plans more doable while taking more tasks off of your plate.   Each wedding is unique, but one thing most couples have in common is a desire for their wedding to be stress free and special which is why I recommend for brides and grooms to hire planners, cake artists, caterers, stationery designers…..and florists.

Floral Design

Floral design is one of those art forms that “looks easy” but is very complicated because it requires a great deal of knowledge about not only the design aspect but about the plants, when they are available seasonally, and how to keep them looking their best for you.  Floral designers go through an extensive amount of training and continually attend professional development to remain knowledgeable about floral design trends and best practices.  I have had the pleasure of working with some pretty amazingly talented floral designers as a wedding photographer.  One floral designer that I have worked with, Annette Lindsey of I Do Weddings With Love, has generously given three great reasons why you should hire a professional floral designer for your wedding day. 

Three Reasons for Hiring a Professional Florist

According to Annette,

“The number one reason is that you get to sit back and enjoy the day.  Most of the time the family is so busy trying to decorate before the wedding that they have little time to spend with each other, get makeup done (or keep it looking fresh), and be in pictures.  As pretty as flowers look, they are not clean.  Your hands WILL be dirty when you’re done, leaving dirt under your fingernails and green stains on your palm lines.  It is not glamorous.  I can’t tell you the last time I got a manicure because I know the nail polish will just chip within hours of working.

Second, as a florist I can find those special flowers at many regions throughout the world.  I love to find that special flower that means something to the couple.  Sometimes it’s the flower he first sent to her.

Third, I know how to process the flowers correctly to ensure lasting freshness and beauty.  Plus I can store them to make sure the wilting does not begin.  Trust me when I tell you that every bunch of flowers does NOT arrive in pristine condition, with no broken heads, no bruising, or no mold.  This is when having a great relationship with my wholesaler comes in handy!

Being your florist means I take all of those floral worries off your shoulders.  I hold all the stress so that your flowers look perfect, colors flow together, nothing wilts, and your day comes together just as we discussed.  It is my greatest reward when I see your face light up when you first see your bouquet.”