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What is your favorite date idea?  Even after you get married, it is so important to keep dating your spouse so that you continue to grow together.  Relationships take intentional time and a whole lot of work, and while you grow a whole lot as a couple before you get married, what happens after you get married is vital to continued relational growth.  So, go on a date.  Actually, go on lots of dates.  Before I continue, let’s define “date”.  According to Merriam Webster, a date is “a social engagement between two persons that often has a romantic character”.  With that in mind, let’s chat about some ideas that will help you to create that intentional romantic time together. 

Dating as Newlyweds

When we were newlyweds, we were super broke.  We were the kind of broke that caused you to dig in the couch cushions to find change to put gas in the car. My husband was finishing up his degree and I was fortunate at the time to find a part time teaching position in town.  We lived in a small college town in Illinois at that time, so dating options were somewhat limited, as was our bank account.  As newlyweds in a small college town, we met a local author who did extensive research of the architecture in the town’s history.  She kindly gave us a copy.  Since we love history, we used it as an opportunity to learn more about the town’s history as we went on dates.  We would read about a really old building or house, then take a walk to find it.  Those were some of the best dates when we were in our first few years of marriage because it gave us a goal, information to wonder and chat about, and time together.  Looking back, those were some of my favorite dates with my husband.  For our first wedding anniversary we traveled to a place in Southern Illinois called Garden of the Gods and camped in a pup tent for a whopping ten bucks.  The important thing was (and still is) time together.  We love the idea of going on really nice, dress up dates.  And even though we have gone on dates where the plate of food cost more than my outfit occasionally, it definitely is not the usual thing for us.  We love spending time together and usually opt for unique, creative intentional date nights over the expensive.  We also both strongly believe in being intentional with our bank account and have financial goals that will be met faster if we choose wisely with our spending. 

For the couples who desire time together in creative, fairly inexpensive ways, these five date ideas are for you.

Five Date Ideas

1. Go out for ice cream.  Except, don’t go to the “usual places”.  Find a locally owned unique place, such as Short Lane Ice Cream Co. in Gloucester, Virginia. 

2.  If you would rather get moving and get some exercise, consider going to a local park or hiking trail.  If you want to add a little more fun to your hike, include a scavenger hunt.  Whoever takes a picture of everything on the list wins.  A little friendly competition along with getting some exercise in the beautiful outdoors can contribute to a lot of conversation and fun!

3.  Visit a lavender farm, such as Under the Stars Farm in Gloucester, Virginia!  Under the Stars Farm hosts a variety of events such as U Pick days and special dinner and dessert events.  The lavender smells heavenly and the atmosphere is friendly with a romantic flair.  It is a unique outdoor experience where you can learn something new together as you gather lavender together.  Check out their upcoming events here.

4. Enjoy a romantic picnic basket dinner at a park or on the beach.  This takes a little bit of preparation, but when going out to eat is expensive and you love to cook, it could be a great option.  You can prepare really simple sandwiches or a hot meal.  It is totally up to you to be as creative as your wish!  Add a few candles, soft music, and a nice bottle of wine and let the magic begin. 

5.  Go enjoy a competitive game of Mini Golf.  You don’t even have to be good at golfing for this!  I am awful at it, and occasionally get a hole-in-one which results in me doing my victory dance….even though I am usually losing.  The point is having fun with the love of your life.  Make it a competition with an agreed upon prize of your choice for the winner.  Keep it fun and remember that the point is time together to build your relationship….even if you suck at mini golf….like me. 

Now go plan some fun, romantic, intentional time with the love of your life!