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Hi there, friend!

I am Joy, a Yorktown, Virginia based Personal Branding Photographer for the creative or corporate entrepreneur.  Think of me as your joyful branding cheerleader!   I’m a wife to my hubby, Mike, a mom to three, and a dog lover who offers a positive outlook and will seek to find the solution to your imagery needs.  I crave authenticity and adventure.

There are lots of things bring me joy.  Being creative brings me joy.  Authenticity brings me joy.  Adventure gives me joy. (Give me all the camping and hiking!)  Educating and serving others brings me joy.  As a former teacher, I get to use the best parts of me to serve clients well so that they will have something authentic and valuable to represent their businesses.  Going from being a full time veteran teacher to full time photographer, I know how important it is to share your story, put your best foot forward, and serve well.  Owning and operating a business is a busy life with many challenges.  I truly enjoy helping business owners with their business and marketing images so that they don’t have to stress about coming up with pictures to use to connect with their audience.  

What is Personal Branding Photography?

According to Seth Godin, brand is “the set of expectations, memories, stories, and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product over another.” If you think about your favorite athletic shoe brand, for example, the brand might represent traits such as athleticism, performance, and strength to you.  When you see the logo for that company, you automatically feel and think of these traits because of how the company presents its product.  In short, you trust the company with your purchase of the shoes because the company has built a reliable presence and a good product. Personal branding is similar, but also slightly different.  It relates to how consumers view “you”.  YOU are your brand, which is often true for small businesses.  Personal branding is marketing “you”, and describes the feeling consumers have about you as they encounter your business (you) in person, online or on social media.  Personal branding is tied to your “why” and allows current and future clients an opportunity to know you, like you, and trust you.

Why do you need it?

No matter if you are a corporate professional or a creative professional, you need branding imagery. Consumers often want to be able to relate to the people who own the business before they choose to hire them or purchase from them, especially when it is service related.  Consumers do research.  Therefore it is important to show up online in a positive and consistent manner or they will be less likely to trust you.   Consistent usage of engaging and authentic branding imagery on social media and on your website can help to build connection.  Connection online often has to happen before a client will be comfortable with idea of meeting with you or using your services.

What are the details?

Date: Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Location: The Studio at City Center in Newport News, Virginia

Time: 1:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. / indoor 20 minute studio session

Price: $250

You will receive: 20 images in an online downloadable gallery

How many spots will be available? Only 6 spots will be available

What will the background look like? There will be a light and bright, flexible, clean office set up available, with several chair options. See inspiration images from the studio below.

What can I bring? You may bring up to 3 small items such as: a favorite coffee mug, an item you sell, something that inspires you (book, etc.), a laptop, something you use to do your job, or something that represents a hobby or favorite thing (ukulele, crafting item, baseball glove, etc.).

How many outfits can I wear? You may wear one outfit.

What kinds of images will be captured? I will capture headshots, lifestyle images to reflect a “day in the life of your business”, and images to show your unique personality and “how” you serve your clients.

How do I book? Fill out the contact form below and choose your time preference and I will send you a proposal with the contract and invoice for your Branding Mini Session. (Session times are first come, first served.)

**Contract must be signed and payment made to be considered officially booked.

Helping you to create a clear and consistent branding presence online.

Belle Eve Photography

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