So Long, 2016!

  2016 has been a great first official year of business for Belle Eve Photography!  Owning my own business has been one of the most exciting things and the most scary things I have done, yet I am having so much fun working as a photographer.  It has been a year of growing, exploring, andContinue reading “So Long, 2016!”

Our Favorite Locations

For the next few weeks, we will be featuring a few of our favorite local places to visit. We LOVE Virginia!!! Historic Yorktown In 2002, when we first moved to the Tidewater Region of Virginia, we were so incredibly excited to see so many historic places that we had read about.  We love history, especiallyContinue reading “Our Favorite Locations”

Beach Family Portrait Session

The warm, salty breeze blew softly as a dark thunderstorm gently rumbled its way over the beach in the slightly distant Northern sky.  Life seems to slow down it’s quick tempered pace as the waves rhythmically wash over the shore, allowing me to breathe in the fresh air and reset. Last week, my family andContinue reading “Beach Family Portrait Session”