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In a day where visual imagery makes up 93% of all human communication [] combined with a growing number of small businesses with an online presence, it is essential to have images of your face along with images that describe your mission statement and process.   They should also illustrate the values that represent your business.  This is important because your online presence- your website and social media – is the prologue to your client’s experience.  Overall, consumers want to see who they are working with.  Are they friendly?  Are they good at their craft?  Will I have a good experience? 

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Branding headshots convey your professionalism and your brand by giving a potential client an idea of your demeanor and personality.  A smile, for example, communicates warmth and approachability.   Since potential clients want to see and know who they will choose to work with, your images help to develop trust in you and your brand.  Connectivity is a natural human desire and can be supported through the use of imagery before you meet face to face. 

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How do you get the most of your branding headshots?  We have a four tips to get you started. 

1.  Choose 3 words that describe how you want potential clients to feel when they connect with your business online.  These words should be connected to your mission statement.  Work with your photographer to find ways to illustrate these words in your imagery. 

2. Choose professional and casual outfits that reinforce your message.  Think of your imagery as a “job interview” and dress for the clients that you are wanting to hire you.  

3.  Have your hair and make-up professionally done.  This is important because YOU are essentially your storefront.  While it’s fine to be transparent on social media and show up without makeup in “real life”, the images that officially represent your brand should represent your brand as “the job interview” version of you.

4.  Light or dark?  Consider and choose backgrounds that “match” your brand.  If you want your online images to be overall light, for example, then work with your photographer to find a background that is overall light in color. 

A Snowy Head Shot Session |Virginia Portrait and Wedding Photographer

14headshot-session-brownsburg-indianaI crossed paths with Linda in 1999, when we both taught at the same elementary school in Brownsburg, Indiana.  We became friends then, and even though life circumstances, job changes, and time has landed us  in two different states, we have remained close friends over the years.  Linda is one of my “sister” friends.  We aren’t related, but she is just one of the friends in my life that has remained a kindred spirit.  We frequently text one another and share prayer requests so that we can pray for one another.  Even when a great deal of time passes, we just pick back up where we left off.  She is truly an amazing individual whom I respect and adore, and I am blessed to call her “friend”.



Despite the frigid temps that day, it was an honor to capture head shots for Linda, my sweet friend who is also an author based in Central Indiana. The late December temperatures were bitterly cold in Indiana (9 degrees to be exact!), but the glowing, late afternoon sunlight warmed up the rural, snowy scenery surrounding us.  I love doing portrait sessions in the snow because it transforms a landscape into a wonderfully reflective wonderland.  I love the way the snow blankets the land and rests on the tree branches.


In addition to being a published author, Linda is also an archivist, certified professional genealogist, certified library assistant, and former public school teacher.  These unique skills enabled her to author and publish a historical book about the town of Brownsburg, Indiana.   ( Brownsburg by Linda Lichte Cook )    To learn a little bit more about this talented writer, head on over to


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