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Sandbridge Beach Engagement Photography – Virginia Beach


Sandbridge Beach, in Virginia Beach, Virginia is located on a 5 mile stretch of peninsula that becomes the Outer Banks when you cross into North Carolina.  The town of Sandbridge has a small beach town vibe, with small groceries, unique restaurants, and colorful oceanfront homes on stilts.  The beach is an idyllic place with the Sandbridge Little Island Fishing Pier, grassy sand dunes, and sand and water for miles. 

At Sandbridge Beach, there are several options for backgrounds in addition to the oceanfront.  The sand dunes are huge.  It’s a great place to begin an early evening session there, because of how the sun creates a beautiful glow behind you.  Another great option there is using the space under the fishing pier.  The pier creates interesting lines toward the water, as the ocean crashes onto the sand just behind you.  The enormous pylons under the pier also can be used to create interesting images as well.  Once the sun starts to drift into golden hour, there is a seemingly unlimited amount of golden light as you walk with your fiancé and snuggle together with the saltwater crashing at your feet.  If you’re the type of couple who enjoys being a little adventurous, you can even get into the water for the last part of your engagement session.  The movement of the water combined with the golden light on you can really make the most romantic images.

If you love the oceanfront, having sand on your feet, salt air in your lungs, and the golden light as you stroll along with the waves crashing at your feet, Sandbridge Beach would be a fantastic engagement session location for you.


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April 16, 2023