A Yorktown Freight Shed Wedding | Yorktown, Virginia | Belle Eve Photography

Kim and Carl’s wedding at The Freight Shed in Yorktown, Virginia was a beautiful reflection of hope and love.  Everything about their day embodied that, which was inspiring to those who know and love them.  From the lovely hues of blue and orange to the timing of the Sunset Session, no detail was left unturned. 

The Freight Shed is a really special place that has a rich history in Yorktown.  The original building was constructed in 1935 and was used as a terminal for Baltimore steamships until 1952. Later on, it was remodeled and served as a post office. In 2005, the Freight Shed went through an extensive renovation in conjunction with the opening of Riverwalk Landing. 

It was the most perfect place for Kim and Carl to get married.

Their Story

Kim and Carl met while they were working at a local marina.  The fact that their paths crossed and they fell in love is part of their story of hope and love.  Before they met, they each had gone through a great deal of adversity that they each had to overcome.  God had something special in mind for Kim and Carl as He brought each of them through those challenges.  As they began their relationship, they would spend hours and hours talking in Historic Yorktown along the riverfront.  Therefore, it was so meaningful for their ceremony to take place on the riverfront.  Kim stated, “Our love story is absolutely one of the hope we have found in God’s love for us, and the joy we have in living life knowing it is all in God’s hands. We both have miraculous stories of His healing, and the love and support of each person that was there at our wedding.”  After spending time with Kim and Carl leading up to their wedding, I could see the genuine love they have for one another.  It is truly inspiring.

The Wedding Day Begins

Their wedding day began as they got ready at their home where Kim was getting ready.  While there, my team and I captured Kim’s beautiful wedding gown, invitation, jewelry, and rings.  In addition to these beautiful details, we had the privilege of capturing their adorable Bermese Mountain Dog puppy, Charlie.  She was so adorable!  I loved the shirt they had for her too…and she seemed pretty proud to wear it! 

The First Look

A little while later, we met up with Carl on the riverfront under the Coleman Bridge to coordinate and capture their First Look.  It was a beautiful moment.  As Kim approached her groom, she had the biggest smile on her face.  The happiness and love between them was evident in their sweet interactions. 

The Ceremony

The wedding ceremony took place under the tent on the plaza of the Freight Shed as they faced the riverfront.  As the ceremony began, Carl walked down the aisle to wait for his lovely bride to join him.  Kim’s daughter joyfully escorted her down the aisle as family and friends lovingly supported them.  Kim and Carl read their own vows and then exchanged rings.  It was a celebratory moment when the wedding officiant introduced them as husband and wife!

The Reception

The reception began with the introduction of the newlyweds followed by their first dance.  Friends and family cheered as they entered the room.  After their first dance, guests enjoyed a delicious meal by Kelsick Specialty Market. They also provided an incredible Sundae Bar!   Guests enjoyed dancing and celebrating as Colonial DJ kept the party going. 

A Romantic Sunset Session

As sunset approached, Kim and Carl and my team slipped out to the docks for Kim and Carl’s couple session.  The sunsets on the York River do not disappoint!  We started out on the boat of a friend, then worked our way down the dock toward the Coleman Bridge as the hazy summer sunset hung in the sky.  They love the sunsets on the York River and I am so glad that the weather was so perfect so that we could capture the beautiful color behind them! 

Kim and Carl, I am so happy for you both!  May you enjoy many, many years of happiness!

Venue: The Freight Shed

Wedding Gown: David’s Bridal

Caterer: Kelsick Specialty Market

Sundae Bar: Kelsick Specialty Market

Florist: Mother of the Bride

DJ: Colonial DJs

Five Tips for Finding Your Wedding Photographer | Virginia Wedding Photographer | Belle Eve Photography

You just got engaged. You have chosen your wedding date. You have chosen your wedding planner and have narrowed down your choice of wedding venue. You found your florist, the caterer, the cake artist, the DJ, a stationer, and your stylist. You have your eye on several wedding dresses and have made an appointment to get fitted for the dress of your dreams for the biggest event of your life. Now, how do you even begin looking for a wedding photographer? Which photographer will be the best choice for you? Here are five tips you can use when searching for your wedding photographer.

Wedding Photography Portfolio

  1. Take the time to look at the portfolio on their website. Consider the editing style you’re looking for. Light and airy? Moody? Clean / true to life? Does the editing style appear consistent overall? If you absolutely love a certain photographer but prefer a completely different processing finish, the final product may result in frustration. Understanding the editing style of your photographer will help you to have realistic and accurate expectations of the final product.

Wedding Photography Style

2. Along the same lines as processing and editing style is “photography style.” If a photographer is strictly photojournalistic, they will document your wedding day with a minimal emphasis on posed portraits and styled details. There will be mostly candid images. On the other hand, a traditional wedding photographer will mostly shoot carefully posed images of key moments. The photographer will have a strict “shot list” and will use that to provide images of those moments. Currently, the majority of wedding photographers in the Hampton Roads area use a “documentary / wedding photojournalism” style, which is a hybrid of the two previously mentioned styles. They capture candid moments and posed moments throughout the day, providing you a combination of images where you and your guests are “camera aware” and images where you and your guests don’t appear to “notice” the camera.

Personality and Temperament

3. Consider the photographer’s personality and temperament. Take the time to get to know your prospective wedding photographer during the consultation. It is really helpful to hire someone who isn’t going to clash with you, your guests, or other vendors on your wedding day. Having someone who causes strife and interpersonal conflict can contribute to a lot of unnecessary stress. Find a photographer with a positive attitude who is organized, professional and desires to serve you well.

Professional Lighting

4. Light. Where will you be getting married? Outside during the day? Inside a church or other type of indoor venue? Will your reception extend into the evening after sunset? While some indoor ceremony sites have beautiful natural lighting, not all do. Most photographers begin learning to master their photography skills using natural light. However, when the situation arises where there is very little light or very dim light, it is usually necessary for the photographer to know how to utilize “off camera flash”. Using lighting equipment adds a professional “finish” to images taken in low light environments, especially after the sun goes down.

Wedding Photography Packages

5. Packages and Collections. After you decide on your photography budget, find out when you meet with your prospective photographer what is included in their base price. They will be able to educate you about what they include, set packages, or a la carte items. For example, will the base price include a downloadable gallery? How long will it take to get your digital gallery? Will there be a second shooter? Travel fees? What print products to they offer? Do they offer albums? Knowing exactly what is included will help you to plan ahead for what other products you will want to purchase after your wedding images have been processed so that your wedding photographer can serve you well.

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Three Reasons You Should Have a First Look | Virginia Wedding Photographer

If I could go back to my wedding day, I would have had a first look and had some time set aside to see my soon to be husband and pray with him before our ceremony.  Even though I had a wonderful wedding day, that is one thing that I wish I could have done.  A “first look”, the first time a couple sees one another before the ceremony after getting completely ready, can be a beautiful moment for you as a couple.  If you’re considering a first look but aren’t quite sure if it would work for you, keep reading.  I have had some couples who really love the idea of having a first look on their wedding day, while others prefer to see each other for the first time as the bride walks down the aisle during the ceremony.  Ultimately it is entirely up to you.  Each couple is unique and each wedding is unique. 

Having a first look is a preference, but as a wedding photographer I must tell you that a first look can be very beneficial and memorable.  In the following paragraphs I will share three reasons that you should consider having a first look on your wedding day.

1. A Chance to Calm Your Nerves

It is natural to feel a little nervous on your wedding day.  I know that when I got married, I felt a little nervous.  Mostly I was so excited about this next chapter in my life, but I had definitely had butterflies!  We actually ended up sneaking off to see each other and pray together before the ceremony, which helped tremendously.  A first look can definitely give you a chance as a couple to see each other for the first time that day and have a private moment (except for the presence of your photographer) so that you can interact and take in that moment.  Once guests arrive, your day will be like a whirlwind.  I have witnessed joyful first looks, quieter first looks, and energetic first looks!  You have an opportunity as a couple to be yourselves together in this moment, knowing that you’re about to join your lives together. 

2. Get to Cocktail Hour Faster

Second, having a first look can get you to cocktail hour much faster.  Typically at a wedding without a first look I will photograph the bridal party (including the couple) all together and then the family immediately after the ceremony while everyone else moves to cocktail hour.  After I capture those groups and send them to cocktail hour, I work with the bride and groom to capture them for the first time as a married couple.  I prefer to use a 30 minute time slot for my wedding couples to ensure that they can relax, breathe, and enjoy their session instead of feeling stressed and rushed.  With approximately 40 minutes for the bridal party (depending on the size of the bridal party) and the family groups and 30 for the couple for their portrait session, that is about an hour that you are away from your guests.  Guests normally understand this, but if you prefer to join cocktail hour sooner than that, a first look may be a great option for you because not only can I capture your first look and do your bride and groom session, we can also allot time to capture the bridal party (and the family groups too) which can save more time after the ceremony.

3. More Images of the Bride and Groom

Third, you will have more images of you together as a couple on your wedding day. A first look generally takes about 15 to 20 minutes. Within that time period, I capture your first moment together on your wedding day as you interact along with images of you together as a couple. This allows me to capture more romantic portraits for you. With the first look and a 30 minute golden hour session on your wedding day, you will have a larger variety of images of you as a couple.

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A Spring Wedding at The Maine of Williamsburg | Virginia Wedding Photographer | Belle Eve Photography

A Wedding at The Maine of Williamsburg

Kyle and Ann’s wedding at The Maine of Williamsburg was definitely a day filled with happiness and the love of family and friends. I was thrilled when Kyle and Ann inquired with me about capturing their April wedding. I knew that Kyle was a really great guy (through mutual connections), and when I met Ann for the first time, I thought, “They are perfect for each other!” She is so joyful and bubbly! They complement one another so well and they have such an awesome sense of humor! As a perk, they both love the outdoors, which basically means…they are my kind of people.

Their Story

Their story, according to Kyle:

“This lovely lady that goes by the name of Ann decided to waltz up to me with her bubbly attitude at a campus ministry meeting at Christopher Newport University in 2017. She scared me with her in your face kindness. That day, will forever be known as the reckoning. I began to develop a crush on her. After pursuing said crush, she decided to crush my feelings until I slowly eroded her barriers away. She finally decided to tell me that she liked me and you know I jumped on that train. Well, after a year and some change that train led us to the moment where I took a leap and asked her to marry me.”

Lion’s Bridge Engagement Session

I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Kyle and Ann during their Engagement Session. They love hiking, so it seemed fitting to do their engagement session at a popular hiking trail. We met up at Lion’s Bridge in Mariner’s Park in Newport News, Virginia. We started out on the bridge, then headed toward the trail. It turns out that Kyle and Ann are really great dancers, which I learned as I started giving my “dancing couple instructions”, they followed my instructions and even added spins and dips. They were such pros! I especially loved how they interacted- so much tenderness and smiles for miles!

The Wedding Day Begins

Toward the end of March, I unexpectedly became very ill and had to be hospitalized. My friends and mentors, Luke and Ashley from Luke and Ashley Photography kindly stepped in for me to capture Kyle and Ann’s wedding. They captured their day so beautifully, of course. As I culled and edited their images, I felt like I was able to experience their day and be a part of it. Some moments made me laugh out loud, some made me smile, and some made me teary eyed. (Father and daughter moments get me every single time.)

At the beginning of the day Kyle and Ann began getting ready in their suites- Kyle with his groomsmen and Ann with her bridesmaids. Although they did not do a first look, Ann had a special moment with her father after her mother helped her to fasten the back of her dress.

In the meantime, Kyle and his groomsmen got ready, then went outside with Luke for some fun candid images and formal portraits. Then, Luke photographed Kyle individually.