An Italian Garden Wedding | Maymont Park | Virginia Wedding Photographer | Belle Eve Photography

A Maymont Wedding

Erin and Dylan’s emerald and blush wedding at the Italian Gardens in The Maymont Park in Richmond, Virginia finally happened after a year long delay due to the pandemic and right after the governor lifted some of the wedding restrictions.  The Maymont Park is definitely a lovely backdrop for a Virginia wedding and the golden hour sunshine glowing in the garden was absolutely divine. 

A Love Story

Erin and Dylan met during their freshman year in high school in 2009.  They were good friends throughout high school, but didn’t begin dating until 2013 when Erin started her freshman year of college at Christopher Newport University and Dylan was making his way through the Virginia Carpentry Union.   As a couple they grew and still love laughing together and trying new things together such as traveling to new places or trying new recipes.    

A Surprise Proposal

After Erin graduated from college, Dylan surprised her with a seven day cruise to the western Caribbean as a “graduation present”.    Little did Erin know, Dylan had much bigger plans for that trip: a proposal.  On the last day of their trip, Dylan proposed on the front of the ship.  He had told Erin that he wanted pictures, so he along with two other couples who happened to be honeymooning during the same week of their cruise, they surprised Erin with photos and video of the beautiful proposal.   

The Wedding Day Begins

Before the ceremony, Erin got ready along with her mom, Heather and frlends and family who were her bridesmaids.  In fact, her Aunt was her matron of honor, a testament of the closeness within the family.  In the Stone Barn in Maymont Park, Erin’s mother helped her as she got into her lovely wedding gown as her bridesmaids looked on.  Dylan got ready in another room nearby and enjoyed time with his closest friends as he waited for the ceremony to begin.  

The Ceremony

Erin looked elegant as she walked down the aisle in the Italian Gardens in her gorgeous ivory wedding gown, complete with a full length lace edged veil.  Dylan, dressed in a black tuxedo looked dapper as he waited to see his bride for the first time that day.  The ceremony was filled with so much joy and happiness as they exchanged their vows under the long, extended pergola, supported by stone columns in the 100 year old garden.  I’m not sure who was smiling more; Erin or Dylan!  As the newly married couple walked up the aisle together, guests excitedly threw blush flower petals at the couple.  Their smiles said it all!

Romantic Golden Hour

After the ceremony and bridal party and family pictures, we strolled in the Italian Gardens and captured Erin and Dylan as the golden light streamed behind them.  The light could not have been any more perfect!

The Reception in the Garden Room

The reception took place in the Garden Room just up the hill from the Italian Gardens and was endearing and fun!  After the DJ introduced the bridal party and the newlyweds, he invited couples who had been married for a long time to join them for their first dance.  One couple had been married for more than 50 years, which was truly inspiring! 

Congratulations, Erin and Dylan!  It was truly an honor to be a part of your wedding day!

Vendors that made this day possible:

Venue: The Maymont

Photography: Belle Eve Photography

Officiant: Let’s Toast Events

DJ: Team Ruckus- DJ Skitz & Halo

Hair and Makeup Artist: Glamorize Me by Prissy

Caterer: Q BBQ

Cake Artist: Bella Cakes

Videographer: Dackary Productions

Bride / Bridesmaids’ Dresses: David’s Bridal

Groom / Groomsmen’s Attire: Men’s Wearhouse

A Blush and Navy Wedding | The Culpepper Barn | Virginia Beach, Virginia | Belle Eve Photography

The Culpepper Barn

The Culpepper Barn, a wedding venue located in Virginia Beach, Virginia is the perfect barn wedding venue.  I had the pleasure of second shooting for Elizabeth Henson Photography at Madison and Sean’s wedding there and was very impressed at the versatility of this beautiful wedding barn venue.  This incredible place so much space, and yet everything is very conveniently located onsite. 

The venue has an enormous indoor barn space for receptions with an attached space where the bride and bridesmaids can get ready and additional space that can be used for an indoor cocktail hour or smaller gatherings.  Additionally, there is a front porch aspect to that part of the building as well, complete with white rocking chairs.  Next to the large event barn is a horse barn, which is where the groomsmen can gather pre-ceremony.  It also provides a unique backdrop for wedding day portraits. 

There were so many beautiful locations to capture details, the bridal party, and the couple.  At golden hour, we stepped just outside the barn just in time to see the golden light stream through the trees.  We were also able to capture them with the entire barn in view with the amber lights glowing inside behind them and it was dreamy. 


Venue: The Culpepper Barn, Virginia Beach, Virginia

Planner: Soirees by Lauren | Weddings and Events

Lead Photographer: Elizabeth Henson Photography

Second Photographer: Belle Eve Photography

Dress: Ava Clara

Suits: Men’s Warehouse

Event Rentals: Premier Event Rentals

Flowers: Fluttering Flowers

Cake: Flour Power

Caterer: Gourmet Gang

DJ / Entertainment: LittKeys

Videographer: Delta Studio Production

Make-up: Blushtones

Hair: Flawless On Site

Five Date Ideas | Virginia Wedding Photographer | Belle Eve Photography

What is your favorite date idea?  Even after you get married, it is so important to keep dating your spouse so that you continue to grow together.  Relationships take intentional time and a whole lot of work, and while you grow a whole lot as a couple before you get married, what happens after you get married is vital to continued relational growth.  So, go on a date.  Actually, go on lots of dates.  Before I continue, let’s define “date”.  According to Merriam Webster, a date is “a social engagement between two persons that often has a romantic character”.  With that in mind, let’s chat about some ideas that will help you to create that intentional romantic time together. 

Dating as Newlyweds

When we were newlyweds, we were super broke.  We were the kind of broke that caused you to dig in the couch cushions to find change to put gas in the car. My husband was finishing up his degree and I was fortunate at the time to find a part time teaching position in town.  We lived in a small college town in Illinois at that time, so dating options were somewhat limited, as was our bank account.  As newlyweds in a small college town, we met a local author who did extensive research of the architecture in the town’s history.  She kindly gave us a copy.  Since we love history, we used it as an opportunity to learn more about the town’s history as we went on dates.  We would read about a really old building or house, then take a walk to find it.  Those were some of the best dates when we were in our first few years of marriage because it gave us a goal, information to wonder and chat about, and time together.  Looking back, those were some of my favorite dates with my husband.  For our first wedding anniversary we traveled to a place in Southern Illinois called Garden of the Gods and camped in a pup tent for a whopping ten bucks.  The important thing was (and still is) time together.  We love the idea of going on really nice, dress up dates.  And even though we have gone on dates where the plate of food cost more than my outfit occasionally, it definitely is not the usual thing for us.  We love spending time together and usually opt for unique, creative intentional date nights over the expensive.  We also both strongly believe in being intentional with our bank account and have financial goals that will be met faster if we choose wisely with our spending. 

For the couples who desire time together in creative, fairly inexpensive ways, these five date ideas are for you.

Five Date Ideas

1. Go out for ice cream.  Except, don’t go to the “usual places”.  Find a locally owned unique place, such as Short Lane Ice Cream Co. in Gloucester, Virginia. 

2.  If you would rather get moving and get some exercise, consider going to a local park or hiking trail.  If you want to add a little more fun to your hike, include a scavenger hunt.  Whoever takes a picture of everything on the list wins.  A little friendly competition along with getting some exercise in the beautiful outdoors can contribute to a lot of conversation and fun!

3.  Visit a lavender farm, such as Under the Stars Farm in Gloucester, Virginia!  Under the Stars Farm hosts a variety of events such as U Pick days and special dinner and dessert events.  The lavender smells heavenly and the atmosphere is friendly with a romantic flair.  It is a unique outdoor experience where you can learn something new together as you gather lavender together.  Check out their upcoming events here.

4. Enjoy a romantic picnic basket dinner at a park or on the beach.  This takes a little bit of preparation, but when going out to eat is expensive and you love to cook, it could be a great option.  You can prepare really simple sandwiches or a hot meal.  It is totally up to you to be as creative as your wish!  Add a few candles, soft music, and a nice bottle of wine and let the magic begin. 

5.  Go enjoy a competitive game of Mini Golf.  You don’t even have to be good at golfing for this!  I am awful at it, and occasionally get a hole-in-one which results in me doing my victory dance….even though I am usually losing.  The point is having fun with the love of your life.  Make it a competition with an agreed upon prize of your choice for the winner.  Keep it fun and remember that the point is time together to build your relationship….even if you suck at mini golf….like me. 

Now go plan some fun, romantic, intentional time with the love of your life!

Five Tips for Choosing Your Engagement Session Location | Virginia Wedding Photographer | Belle Eve Photography

Finding an Engagement Session Location

“Where should we have our engagement session?”  This is a fantastic question!  In addition to having the opportunity to get to know your wedding photographer and how they work as they capture you as a couple, your engagement session is meant to celebrate your engagement, a momentous occasion, with beautiful new images.  Therefore, having them taken at a great place is important.  With so many amazing places to choose from, how do you even get started?  I have a few tips for you.

A Meaningful Location

1.  Consider a place that is meaningful to you.  Is this a requirement?  Of course not.  I have found, however, that some couples opt to have their engagement session at a place where they first met, first kissed, spent a lot of time together as they began their relationship, or where the proposal happened.  Sometimes though, this isn’t practical because of distance, availability, or other reason.  If this is the case, there are always other options.


2.  Light is KING.  As a wedding and engagement photographer, I adore photographing my couples in beautiful and unique locations.  The first priority, though, is always the lighting.  What does this mean for your session?   The lighting will determine what direction I will position you so that you will look great in your images.   Lighting also determines the time of day that I work with couples.  Let’s use the beach as an example, since there is generally no shaded areas on the beach.  I absolutely love shooting couples on the beach.  There is a vast difference, though, between shooting at noon and shooting at golden hour in the look of your images.  Consistency in time of day that I work with couples contributes to consistency in the images I deliver from client to client because I care a whole lot about the outcome for my couples. 

A Beautiful Backdrop

3. Here in Coastal Virginia, we are so blessed to have an unlimited amount of amazingly scenic locations that wedding photographers can use for engagement sessions.  There are historic locations such as Colonial Williamsburg, beaches, wooded areas such as Newport News Park, and pristine Main Street city areas.  It really depends on your preference.  For Natasha and Justyn, Colonial Williamsburg was a great option since they will be tying the knot at The Williamsburg Inn, a Colonial Williamsburg hotel, in the Fall. 


4. There are many places here to have an engagement session.  Most outdoor locations are available at no cost and / or formal permission to shoot in.  There are some outdoor locations, though, that require you to submit an application / payment for a permit.  This is not to discourage you from using those areas, but it is important to realize that some locations can take 30 days or more to process.  Planning ahead for situations such as these is key.  You can also opt for an indoor location as well.  Nearly always, you need to plan ahead for an indoor location because most indoor venues will require payment for using their facility.  If it is a wedding venue, it may be challenging to book a weekend session date because the majority of weddings occur on weekends.  If it is your “dream location” for your engagement session, you may need to be flexible with your schedule and choose a weekday to make it work. 

Crowded Locations

5.  Do you want random crowds of people in your images?  If the answer is no, you will need to determine if the location you desire will be busy.  Check their events calendar on Facebook, call to verify if possible, or visit at the time of day you plan to have your session so that you have a good idea of what to expect.  On the day that I captured Natasha and Justyn’s engagement session in Colonial Williamsburg, it was a pretty chilly day in January, so there weren’t large crowds of people there.  Additionally, since I have shot there a lot, I have a pretty good idea of where to go in the area so that there will be fewer accidental photo bombers.     

Should I Hire a Wedding Planner? | Virginia Wedding Photographer | Belle Eve Photography

Wedding Day Stress

Wedding planning takes a lot of patience, skill and knowledge about the ebb and flow of a wedding day.  Managing many weddings yearly, they have the experience and understanding of what can go right as they plan and what could go wrong. They know how to anticipate what could go wrong so that the day runs as smoothly as possible. They are the professionals who take the stress and burden off of you on your wedding day, and work behind the scenes in an organized manner to facilitate your vision.  “But Joy,” you say, “I am a really organized and creative person and I can absolutely do it all myself,” or “my sister is really good at putting events together so she is going to do the wedding planning and coordinating.”  I have no doubt that those things are true.  And please understand that I do not judge brides who go this route.  It is your wedding, and I know that everyone has different circumstances and experience levels. I am here to serve you well and provide a wonderful photography experience for you on your wedding day.  Here me out, though.  I have photographed a lot of different weddings and I have seen a lot of brides who were relaxed and enjoying their time pre-ceremony with their bridesmaids and family there and I have seen brides who were trying to get ready and enjoy the pre-ceremony time, but were really stressed because of things that weren’t done yet or vendors that were delayed in arriving.  This results in someone coming to them while they are getting ready and telling them or one of the bridesmaids or family members.  Then the bridesmaid or family member has to leave the bridal suite to go deal with the issue.  They end up being present intermittently, which causes frustration and even delays to the ceremony start time as well.  Most of the time when a bride is in tears pre-ceremony due to stress, it is because they did not hire a wedding planner.  Is this the case 100% of the time? No.  There is always an exception to the rule, so to speak.  However it can and does happen when a planner or coordinator is not involved to shoulder the issues that do pop up on a wedding day.  Let me introduce you to someone who can shed more light to this.

A Wedding Planner’s Perspective

A while ago, I interviewed Kari Scruggs of Two River Events, LLC. She is a wedding and event planner located in Southeastern Virginia who serves Virginia, Maryland, Washington, D.C. and surrounding areas. Kari established Two River Events in 2013 because of her own wedding.  She and her mother planned her wedding, which made a lot of sense because her mother was a veteran wedding planner. While it was a successful and beautiful wedding, it was also pretty stressful. She recalls wishing that she would have had a coordinator on her wedding day as her phone was ringing nonstop while she was getting ready. Her mother ended up having her hair done twice because she was working so hard after the stylist did her hair the first time that she was literally sweating as she got all of the details set up. Ultimately, Kari missed out on time with her mom because of all of the work it took to make her wedding day a success. Because of this experience, Kari understands first hand the stress of a wedding and how it can impact a couple and their families without help. She is passionate about making sure her clients are so well taken care of that they can enjoy their wedding day free from stress. She truly desires for her couples to be free to enjoy time with family and friends, knowing that their wedding planner is handling all the details.

Advice for Couples

As we were chatting, I asked her this question: What is some advice that you would give to potential clients? Kari suggests that as you plan your wedding, make sure you have a good understanding of your wedding budget, knowing that your guest count will dictate everything. She also recommends being flexible. Sometimes unexpected things, such as weather, illness, missing wedding rings, and so on happen. Things will probably happen that are out of your control. Being flexible and having a plan B will save everyone a lot of stress.

Two River Events, LLC

Two River Events, LLC has several options to help you plan your wedding with the understanding that each couple and wedding is unique. Therefore, the experience will be customized to fit your needs.

  • Event Management: This option allows the bride and groom to design their own day. Kari will help with the timeline and the execution of the details of your day.
  • Partial Event Planning: This option incorporates some designing, conversations about the design, 1-2 vendor meetings with you, and the timeline and execution of the details of your ceremony rehearsal and your wedding day.
  • Full Event Planning: This option includes full design, all meetings with you and your vendors, and the timeline and execution of the details of your ceremony rehearsal and your wedding day.

Hair stylist: Lauren Barefoot

An Elegant Burlington Weddings and Events Wedding | Virginia Wedding Photographer | Belle Eve Photography

Burlington Weddings and Events Venue

Burlington Weddings and Events is located in Charles City, Virginia, just eleven miles west of Williamsburg.  It proudly sits on several hundred acres and delivers an incredible view and luxurious experience for couples who plan to have large or small romantic weddings with an historic farm vibe.  This Virginia wedding venue has a rich history which adds to the historic farm estate ambience.  The Main House was built in 1818 by Edwin and Sara Major.  Eventually, John Mumford Gregory, a member of the Virginia House of Delegates and Governor of Virginia purchased the estate. 


Some of the original structures, such as the Smokehouse (circa 1700’s), a Guest House, the Icehouse and the Main House, still stand today.  The original buildings have been restored and remodeled to preserve their historic appearance.  A Cape Cod styled Bridal Cottage was recently constructed and has a modern kitchen and bathroom in addition to a light and airy beauty salon for the bride and bridesmaids to get hair and makeup done.  Last, the Event Stables is an incredible facility which can hold up to 300 guests for an indoor wedding ceremony and / or a wedding reception.  The Event Stables houses a Groom’s Den upstairs near the Main Bar, and a spacious, elegant Reception Hall with beautiful wood floors, a Grand Ballroom with a Grand Staircase, and crystal chandelier.

A Burlington Wedding

I had the pleasure of second shooting alongside Elizabeth Henson Photography on a hot July day at Burlington Wedding and Events.  The heat, though, did not distract from Lauren and Burke’s beautiful wedding.  The day started with the ladies getting ready in the Bridal Cottage while the gentlemen getting ready in the Groom’s Den.  As Lauren finished getting ready, her father made his way to the Bridal Cottage which served as the backdrop for an endearing first look between father and daughter.  It was a precious moment filled with a father’s love for his lovely daughter. 

Wedding Ceremony

The ceremony was accompanied by a string quartet that sweetly ushered in the couple’s families, guests, groomsmen, bridesmaids, and finally the beautiful bride into the ceremony.  Near the end of the ceremony, the bride and groom lit a unity candle to symbolize the joining of their families.  Following the ceremony, the guests enjoyed a lovely cocktail hour as we photographed the family and bridal party.

Wedding Reception

The reception took place in the Event Stables and began with an introduction of the bridal party and the newlyweds, followed by the bride and groom’s first dance.  Additionally, the bride shared a dance with her father followed by the groom with his mother.   Deep Run Roadhouse catered an amazing meal that guests enjoyed.  Sweet Justice, a cover band from Richmond, Virginia rocked out as friends and family danced the night away. 

Sunset Bridal Portraits

At sunset, I went with Elizabeth Henson of Elizabeth Henson Photography and the bride and groom and we were able to capture a variety of romantic portraits during golden hour.  As the temperatures cooled, we captured the stunning bride and groom. The golden light combined with pristine historic buildings, immaculate landscaping, and a small vineyard which helped to create a beautiful backdrop for Lauren and Burke.

Sparkler Exit

The night ended with a sparkler exit, illuminating the end to a wonderful wedding day at Burlington Weddings and Events.

Wedding Vendors

Venue: Burlington Weddings and Events

Wedding Planner: Burlington Weddings and Events

Primary Wedding Photographer: Elizabeth Henson Photography

Second Wedding Photographer: Belle Eve Photography

Bridal Gown: Here and Now Bridal

Bride’s Shoes: Bella Belle

Hair and Makeup: Kara Waggoner

Groom’s Tux: Men’s Wearhouse

Florist: Over the Top Flower Shop

Caterer: Deep Run Roadhouse

Cake: The Mixing Bowl Bakery

Band: Sweet Justice

String Quartet: Ulysses Kirksey with Petersburg Symphony

Five Tips for Planning the Perfect Proposal

Engagement Season

It is Engagement season! The evergreens, scent of pine, cinnamon and cloves combined with twinkling Christmas lights usher in all the romance feels.  Here in Virginia, our Decembers are pretty mild for the most part, even with a little chill in the air.  Planning outings outdoors with the love of your life, such as taking a stroll in Colonial Williamsburg, is fairly easy, convenient, and offers a variety of options….especially when you are planning to propose to your significant other.  Making an intentional plan will help you to pull off the perfect proposal that you will both remember for the rest of your lives. 

Let’s get started.


Having a conversation with your soon – to – be Fiancé’s  family is very important, especially if you want to have a positive relationship with them after you pop the question.  Family is important and it will mean a lot to them to include them, if possible.   There is something to say for marrying into a family.  You may not live with them, but building a positive, healthy relationship (which includes inviting them into knowing your intentions and plans) will have ripple effects for your future and your children’s future.   They may also have some great and meaningful ideas to offer as well which could really help to make it memorable and unique. 


Decide on a ring budget.  Researching the cost of rings that your future fiancé would like will help you as you decide on what to purchase for the love of your life.  I highly recommend doing your homework on this.  In addition to researching pricing, it is also valuable to search for reliable jewelers, and have a good idea of what your future fiancé likes. If you are not exactly sure what she might like, enlist the help of her family and friends.   In order to pull off a great surprise, it will be helpful to know her ring size as well.  Go here to learn about ways to get her ring size without her knowing.

It also is important to decide on a budget for your proposal.  Will you hire a photographer?  Will you buy her dinner at a 5 star restaurant?  Or will you pop the question at a favorite location and then celebrate with family afterwards? 

Location and Season

Choose how and where you will propose.  Your proposal should be unique to your relationship.  There are so many “viral” ideas out there that may sound amazing.  However, if the idea does not connect to who you are as a couple, it may fall a little flat.  Consider meaningful locations, such as where you met, a favorite location where you like to bike or walk together, or the place where you first said “I am in love with you.”  Consider the time of year as well.  

Christmas is a time when families often gather together.  If Christmas season is a time that is meaningful for you as a couple, it could be a great opportunity to pop the question knowing that family from out of town could be there to celebrate afterwards.   Or perhaps you want to propose when it is warmer outside when walking on a beach or at a park, for example, would be a little more comfortable. 

Time of Day

Time of day is really important, too, especially if you plan to hire a wedding photographer like myself to capture this beautiful moment.  As a photographer I can consult with you about the best window of time for natural lighting.  I will also be able to coach you on exactly where to stand and what direction to face so that I can capture the moment without obstruction of view.  After you propose, I offer a post proposal session to clients.   Couples can opt to use these images for their engagement announcements as well as printing on canvas, metal, or a coffee table book.   

A little advice from your cheerful wedding photographer:    Make sure that you provide an excuse for your special someone to dress up.  Everyone is different with this.  Some ladies do not mind having images taken when they haven’t put on make-up.  That is perfectly fine!  If your girlfriend is more selective about her appearance for photos, the experience will be more pleasant for her if you provide a believable excuse for her to get dolled up.

Choose What You Will Say

While what you say will be really important, don’t make this too complicated.  Do you need to write and rehearse a 3 page speech about your undying love?  I am all for romantic accolades. (Hallmark channel junkie here!)   Perfectly crafted poetic words are lovely, but keep the message authentic.  Your words should convey a beautiful message of love in a genuine way.   The big thing here is to be yourself; be creative in how it fits your relationship while being you.  Then, pop the question! 

Now it is time to celebrate!

Wedding Trends | Intimate Micro Weddings | Virginia Wedding Photographer

2020-2021 Wedding Trend

One of the biggest Wedding Trends, as we finish out 2020 and move toward 2021, is to have a smaller, more intimate wedding ceremony. Obviously, a contributing factor to this trend is the coronavirus pandemic.  Whether you prefer a formal or informal micro wedding, there are definitely many ways to still make it traditional or modern, with the elegance of larger weddings.  You may be able to make your wedding experience even more elegant since the total guest count for a micro wedding runs approximately 40-50 people at the most. 

Wedding Planner

I had the pleasure of chatting with Tammy Mills of Simply Grand Events , an incredible Newport News, Virginia based wedding and event planner who specializes in smaller weddings, about Micro Weddings.  A Micro Wedding, which is a more intimate gathering that lasts 2-4 hours and ranges from 10 to 50 guests, is a way to celebrate the beginning of your lives together on a smaller scale without sacrificing all of the  elements that you really want.   Most things about a micro wedding are the same, for the most part, as a larger wedding.  The biggest difference is in the guest count.   The budget is another difference, depending on the elements you choose to include.  Your budget can impact your guest list when you take into consideration that on average you will spend about $100 per guest.  And in turn, the guest list drives a lot of other things about your wedding: quantity of food, venue space, quantity of tables and chairs needed, florals, guest gifts, and so on. 

The Wedding of Your Dreams

Is it possible to have the wedding of your dreams on a smaller scale?  What does that even look like?  Will I still get to have a dress, flowers, reception, a beautiful cake, a D.J. and dancing? Cake cutting? First look? Mom and my besties helping me with my dress?  Pictures? Dancing? Your wedding can still be elegant and have many of the same types of elements as a standard 8 hour long wedding, but on a smaller scale.  For example, if you are having a 2 hour wedding, you may not have time for a full 30 minute first look.  Your prep time will likely be 30 minutes to an hour before your wedding instead of 2-3 hours before your wedding.  This will result in fewer images of you getting ready, but can still include those important moments such as Mom helping you button up your wedding gown, and you in the room where you are waiting to walk down the aisle.

Often, people equate a smaller guest list with a less elegant wedding with only a very simple ceremony, but that does not have to be the case.  If anything, having a smaller guest list may offer you the opportunity to upgrade some or all of your elements, depending on your budget and preferences.  A smaller guest list may make more room in your budget for the perfect venue location for your ceremony and reception, an exquisite catered meal or heavy hor d’oeuvres,  beautifully designed floral arrangements, or your dream dress, for example.  You have a wide range of options!  Ultimately, you will decide what your priorities are for your wedding. 

Wedding vendors (such as florists, planners/designers, photographers, videographers, D.J.s, stationers, event rental specialists, bakers, and caterers) will work hard to make your Micro Wedding a unique event that showcases your love.  Some of these artists may have special packages specifically tailored to couples who wish to have an intimate wedding or elopement.

Wedding Venue

Choosing the perfect venue for your gorgeous Micro Wedding is also similar to considering a venue for a larger wedding.  (Learn more about choosing a wedding venue here).  What is the most important thing to you?   Just like larger weddings you have a variety of venue options for Micro Weddings.   Some venues offer options for using certain parts of their space.  Some offer partial day packages, and others offer only full day only packages.  It is also possible to have a lovely backyard wedding (such as the one featured here), which could help also to place more of your wedding budget on other things. One thing that is important to remember is that even though your guest list is smaller, you still will need a certain amount of space to accommodate your guests comfortably.   For seated guests, you will need a minimum of 14 square feet per person.  If it is cocktail style, you will need a minimum of 9 square feet per person.  With fewer guests there will be fewer people therefore utilizing less space or having more space to move about.  When considering your guests’ needs for your event as you navigate COVID 19 regulations, you need to stay informed about the latest requirements for indoor / outdoor public gatherings and your planner will also be a wonderful resource for you.