New look, the same Virginia photography you know and love.

When I began my business 7 years ago, I wanted to give it a name that had meaning.   I believe that the words we use are important, from how we speak to one another to the names we give our children, nicknames for friends, and even the words we use to name a business.  Words have meaning and a variety of connotations which communicate ideas.

I deeply desired to name my business something that connected to the values of my business:  authenticity, legacy, elegance, integrity, kindness, and joy.  When I considered these values, I immediately thought of my grandma- “Mamaw” is what we called her.  She was one of the strongest, Godly women I’ve ever had the blessing of knowing.  She cheered on acts of kindness and integrity.  She also had no problem at all setting me straight, which I definitely needed, especially as a teenager.  She was a total pistol and full of love and fire.  But at her core, she was the real deal.  She left an indelible mark on my life and I will forever admire her and be grateful for her. 

I am the firstborn in my family and am her namesake as well.  Her name was Evelyn, which I proudly carry as my middle name.  Joy Evelyn.  Her middle name was Belle. I always thought her name was so beautiful- Evelyn Belle.  As I was brainstorming how to incorporate her name with mine for my photography business, my youngest daughter, Annika, (who also was able to get to know my Mamaw in her final years before she passed at 97 years of age in 2014) said to me, “Mom, what about Belle Eve?  You “believe” and she did too.”  I was floored at how my then 13 year-old came up with such a creative combination of our names.  It was perfect. 

Belle Eve Photography. 

For a long time, I have used the turquoise and grey logo that I created in photoshop.  It was useful for a time, but I really needed to have my logo branding done professionally so that it would better accompany my values and messaging.  I contacted April Foster of PaperDolls Design to help me with this.  She gathered information about my business and my color and graphic ideas.  She created a beautiful new logo that better represents Belle Eve Photography.   I was very impressed with her creativity, color knowledge, and communication.  So, if you’re a business owner in who is planning to refresh your brand, consider using PaperDolls Design.  If you’re a bride, looking for beautiful invitations, April also specializes in wedding invitation design.

Out with the old, and in with the new. I absolutely love it. And I love even more that it will impact how I serve you. Introducing my new logo and branding:

Bring on 2023.