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Vineyard Brand & Product Photography | Saudé Creek Vineyards

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 Saude Creek Vineyards, located in Lanexa, Virginia was in search of quarterly branding sessions for their everchanging product and seasonal marketing needs.  During each quarter, we worked with them to create a plan for images that they needed for their upcoming quarter wine releases, events, and images for their website.   

We worked together to create a plan for each quarterly session based on the needs for the upcoming quarter.  They chose models who would genuinely enjoy Saude Creek so that we could illustrate how people enjoy time at the vineyard:  eating on the deck, enjoying wine by the fire pits, sipping wine in the sunshine while enjoying a charcuterie board, sitting out on the green space overlooking the foothills.  Pouring wine is something they frequently do, so we also incorporated that concept in order to show the beautiful color of the wine as they poured it smoothly into a wine glass, allowing potential clients to see and imagine the taste and smell of the wine.   We also featured them serving clients both indoors and outdoors to speak to the level of service they offer.

As a vineyard, seasons are definitely a vital aspect of their business.   We captured the vines in the different seasons along with how they care for the vines to show their behind-the-scenes process.  We also addressed Holiday events and specials, new wine releases, and the opening of Arris Hall, which is used for weddings and events.  During each season, clients are able to enjoy the vineyard in different ways, whether it’s enjoying the sunshine and the incredible view on the deck or sipping their favorite vintage around a fire pit in the fall or enjoying their food and wine at a table on the greenspace.  We were able to capture these spaces in use for those seasons. 


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April 16, 2023