New look, the same Virginia photography you know and love.

Yorktown Beach Family Photography


Golden Hour on the beach in Yorktown, Virginia on the York River is absolutely breathtaking. It is during this time that the light becomes magical and the sky begins to put on a show. This is the absolute perfect time for your Anniversary Session, as the light is soft, even, and gently reflects on the water.

In addition to the perfect light during golden hour, Yorktown Beach is also less busy during this time of day (depending on the season). Being very familiar with Yorktown Beach and Historic Yorktown, I know what spots are the best for your Anniversary Session. If you love family pictures with a beach backdrop, lots of light, occasional driftwood, and jetties (with an option to also use Historic Yorktown as a backdrop), then Yorktown Beach is a wonderful scenic spot for you.


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April 16, 2023