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Strong and Creative

Some say that the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree.  Sometimes there is a lot of truth in that statement.  Meet Brock, our son.  This Senior Session is very near and dear to my heart and understandably so.  After all, he’s only the greatest son a mother and father could ask for.  I may be a teeny bit biased.  Maybe.


To even admit that our baby boy is a Senior in high school is just unfathomable.  When he was a baby I recall other more seasoned moms telling me that I should cherish every moment because it would go so fast.  I recall feeling annoyed when people would say this, because at the time we were getting very little sleep.  It was so tough that it was difficult to stop and appreciate that chapter.    Nowadays, I see moms with younger kids (babies through elementary school) posting the everyday life with their littles.  Then, I recall those days with my children and get teary eyed.  Sigh.  We grieve the former chapters, cherish the present, and look with hope toward the future.  Although I don’t feel ready to see my three kids grow up, I know that God guides their futures.  Each of them is incredibly talented, and they amaze me daily.


Brock has this incredible strength.  If you saw him, you might think that he is really quiet.  You might think he is shy.  However, he is the one in our family that will make me laugh so hard with his comedic timing that I cry.   Between his hilarious timing and impersonations of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Hank Hill from the sitcom King of the Hill and his random jokes and pranks, we laugh a lot.  In addition to his hilarious antics, he is also a very gifted artist.  Brock has been studying Photography and Graphic Design over the past several years and has a very creative eye.  His work has been submitted to several competitions through his school and he participates in the Art Show in the Spring every year.  After high school he plans to pursue graphic design and voice acting.

More important than anything else about him is his character.  Brock shows compassion to others,  and often thinks about others ahead of his own needs.  Are we proud of this kid?  Why yes, we are.