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97Historic-Boxwood-Inn-Newport-News-VirginiaA place reminiscent of days gone by, of the hustle and bustle of the turn of the century, filled with trains picking up and dropping off people at the depot.  People, living their lives and taking care of the needs of their families.  People walking into the general store of the Curtis house (Boxwood Inn) to purchase goods, visit the post office and stopping by the office of Mr. Simon Curtis to pay their bills.    Built in 1896, this beautiful home filled with southern charm was a hub of a lot of activity and provided shelter for several notable people, including General Pershing (WW1) and comedian W.C. Fields.  Additionally, they also rented rooms to World War I and II soldiers and their wives.

The echos of the rich history of this iconic place will continue to resound.  Last Fall, J.J. and Lisa Murray, owners of Hampton Roads Event Rentals, purchased The Boxwood Inn with a desire to preserve the rich history and  use as an event and wedding venue.  They have worked very hard and have poured blood, sweat, and tears into the restoration of this incredible place.  It’s been a labor of love.  J.J. and Lisa are from the peninsula and care deeply about the preservation of local history.  As I toured the Historic Boxwood, Lisa lit up as she shared the details about the history of the original owners, Simon and Nannie Curtis.  A prosperous business man, Simon Reid Curtis built the inn in 1896, where he owned quite a bit of the property around Lee Hall and about a third of Mulberry Island (until the United States Army purchased the island from him and developed “Camp Eustis”). He was also the postmaster, the road commissioner, and the Warwick County treasurer.

February 2018 (During the renovation process)

J.J. and Lisa are thrilled to open the Historic Boxwood Inn to host weddings and other events.  In addition to the beautiful space inside the Inn, you also have the option of using the outdoor space.  Hampton Roads Event Rentals can provide a variety of tents that can give additional space for your event.  The other really exciting thing that they just announced is the arrival of Chef K!  Chef K will be opening the Chef K Tavern at the Historic Boxwood Inn in May of 2018.  A very gifted chef who has been featured on the local news in Richmond, Virginia and who has published two cookbooks, she will also be catering weddings and events at the Inn!  With a registered dietitian on staff, she will be able to meet many of the special dietary needs of your guests, such as providing allergen free options.  They also plan to host festivals and other events.  In May, they are hosting a Mother’s Day Tea which will be catered by Chef K.  You can find more information about the Mother’s Day Tea here: .

Introducing the Newly Renovated Historic Boxwood Inn


Chef K Tavern

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