New look, the same Virginia photography you know and love.

Maternity_Session_Yorktown_Beach_Yorktown_Virginia_Belle_Eve_Photography-17It never gets old.  Seeing the miracle of a new life about to unfold in the lives of soon to be new parents never loses its luster.  The excitement, the tenderness between two people in love, the dreams of what the new baby will look like, imagining ten tiny fingers and ten tiny toes.   You imagine the life you will have with your baby.  You envision the books you will read to him or her.  But mostly, you imagine what it will be like to love a person you’ve never met.  “Will I actually be able to love this precious gift of life enough?”  And yet, this does happen because of the love God gives us.  This is a portion of the miracle of a new life.

Ashley and Ronnie were such joy to capture at Yorktown Beach in Yorktown, Virginia.  We were so fortunate, too, that the rain held off just in time for their maternity session!  The glowy light perfectly illuminated this sweet couple as we captured them as well as their adorable details.  It is common to say that a pregnant woman is glowing, but Ashley really did glow!   She was truly radiant in her white and blue dress and joyful grin.

One of my favorite things about their maternity session was the unique details.  Ashley and Ronnie brought several items to incorporate into their session, including a 3D ultrasound picture.  I love, by the way, how ultrasound technology can now show you your chlld’s cute little features!  And where was this when I had my kiddos just a *few* years ago?? 😉  This session was completely precious, and we wish Ashley and Ronnie the best as they begin the journey of parenthood.