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View More: I sit in the living room on my favorite sea green vintage couch, I can’t help but feel so very grateful for 2018.  It was an incredible year of growth for Belle Eve Photography.  It was a year, in fact, that surpassed my expectations.  Each year I set personal and professional goals for myself.  A few of the goals I set for my photography business were:

1. Upgrade Website

The first goal I tackled in 2018 was to upgrade our website.  I like to reflect and reevaluate it so that my clients can get to know me and how I roll and become acquainted with my process and portfolio.  I desire for my website to have helpful content in addition to being a friendly storefront that clients can visit.  The upgrades also helped clients to find the “storefront” easier, which doubled the traffic and resulted in doubling the number of bookings from the previous year!

2. Serve Clients Well

Next, since serving clients well is really important to me, I created a bridal guide.  This has been a fantastic tool to share with my sweet brides, which tells a little more about me and explains the booking process.  Having this information available to share when I meet with brides has helped to both educate and put them at ease.  I truly love serving people and sharing about how I will preserve the legacy of those special moments in a memorable, professional way.

3. Get Published

My third goal was to get my work published at least once in 2018.  For photographers, getting published does several things.  It increases the SEO (search engine optimization) which directs more people to our website that we can potentially serve.  It also increases the chances for my work to be seen by prospective couples when they are researching ideas and vendors for their weddings.  I was published not once, but four times…five if you count the local television spot with one of my clients (she’s super cute, too!).  Check out our features here:

(Featured in print in “Beauty Revived- 50 Beautiful Children” magazine)

So here we are now in 2019.  I am so excited to see what this year will bring!  I have created new goals for 2019 using Powersheets from Cultivate What Matters.  It is my first year using Powersheets, and I cannot wait to have a purposeful year both personally and professionally!

Above all, thank you!!  Thank you, 2018 clients, for an amazing year.  It has truly been an honor to serve so many incredibly kind couples and families.   Take a look below for some of our favorite moments!







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