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Fall and Family Sessions

School is about to begin here in Hampton Roads!  Fall will be here next month!  It is definitely time to start thinking about scheduling your Fall Anniversary Session, even though it is definitely “very Summer” outside!  It takes some energy and planning to get a family together for a photography session, but it is so beneficial.  Let me explain.

Five Reasons for Fall Anniversary Sessions

  1.  It is important to document your family each year as it grows and changes.  As parents, we think we will remember all of the details of our children’s sweet faces at 3, 5, and 10 as they grow through their childhood.  For the most part, we do remember many things.  However, time reduces and fades some of the details of those memories.  Photographs are powerful memory triggers for us as we reflect on those moments and share the stories behind it.  Not only do those photos help you remember, but your children will someday be able to see loved ones and moments that they may not completely remember.  A while back, my momma gave me some pictures of me with my Mamaw.  I was a toddler in the images and don’t remember that time with my sweet Mamaw.   Those images are such precious treasures!
  2. Anniversary Sessions are fun!  My job is to capture your natural interaction with your family as we go through your hour long session.  I love to laugh and want you to enjoy the time with your family as I capture your family!  Let’s have some fun!
  3. This is a great time to gather your family together, especially if you have children who no longer live with you or grandparents who would love to be included in the memories.
  4. Anniversary Sessions allow opportunities to purchase beautiful updated artwork for your home or as a gift for a grandparent’s home.  I have various products you can purchase, such as professionally printed luster paper prints, canvas gallery wraps, and metal prints.   Using my special gallery, you can even see how it will look on your walls.
  5. You will have a keepsake for not only your family, but for your children’s future families.  Will future generations of your family be able to see what you looked like and know a part of your story?  We thankfully have images of my great grandparents and know some of the family stories.  In this digital day and age, we are so dependent on digital images.  However, we may not have them forever.  If your phone dies, the cloud disappears, or your computer crashes, what would happen to your images?  Prints remain regardless of technology.

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