A Bible Study Women’s Event | Yorktown Wedding Photographer

Sometimes in life you run into people who simply amaze you.  They inspire you.  It’s not because they are perfect or because they have it all together.  They could be really talented and gifted in the arts or other disciplines, which would all be impressive.  These sweet friends, however, haven’t impressed me because of theirContinue reading “A Bible Study Women’s Event | Yorktown Wedding Photographer”

Yorktown Beach Anniversary Session | Yorktown Wedding Photographer

The hot July sun and a thick blanket of humidity were really intense on the day we scheduled Grace and Daniel’s Anniversary Session.  It was 96 degrees when we met, but they were such troopers!  We were surrounded by the most beautiful glowing light as we strolled down Water Street in Yorktown, Virginia.   Grace andContinue reading “Yorktown Beach Anniversary Session | Yorktown Wedding Photographer”

You Have to Go Camping | Yorktown Wedding Photographer

Being Outdoors I absolutely love being outside.  As a child, I always was the little girl that loved to play outside, rain or shine, collecting bugs, trying to keep pet spiders (especially after reading Charlotte’s Web  by E.B. White as a child), riding my bike,  and fishing for crawdads down the street in the pond. Continue reading “You Have to Go Camping | Yorktown Wedding Photographer”

A Shifting Sands Beach Club Wedding | Yorktown Wedding Photographer

    A Beach Wedding Kristen and Tracey’s wedding at the Shifting Sands Beach Club in Virginia Beach, Virginia was both endearing and lovely.  There were so many sweet moments that we adored, from the “first look” between Kristen and her father to the sweet couple holding hands around a corner so that they wouldn’tContinue reading “A Shifting Sands Beach Club Wedding | Yorktown Wedding Photographer”

The Gift of Legacy

Legacy According to Merriam-Webster.com, the word legacy has several definitions. a gift by will especially of money or other personal property. something transmitted by or received from an ancestor or predecessor or from the past. In essence, the word legacy is something that one receives.  However, I personally view it as something that is partContinue reading “The Gift of Legacy”

An Historic Yorktown Senior Session

  Portrait season has officially begun, and it was such a pleasure to begin with this adorable Senior!  To say that this 2017 Senior is a sweet gal is an understatement.   Smart, funny, and kind would also be accurate, along with extremely talented.  It is a complete joy to photograph a Senior Session for someoneContinue reading “An Historic Yorktown Senior Session”